Welcome to The Bantha Traxx


Make Traxx to the Dancing Bantha
Want or Wanted
Confrontation at the Bantha Traxx
Imperial Garrison Complex
Stars Edge
Behind Company Doors
Across Town We Go

Bantha Traxx: Best Bands in the Galaxy(BoSS Code)/Have a Tatooine Sunburn or Jawa Juice
Establishment/food/drink/dancing/bantha sign/cover 10 credits. This place has information, espionage and assassinations, a bounty hunters dream. Word of advice, don’t make fun of the Neon Bantha Sign.
Aspect: Jobs for Hire/Bounty Hunter Boards/Oasis Lounge
Traxx gives a +2 bonus when sneakily negotiating jobs or contracts.
Traxx gives a +2 bonus if the Jawa enforcers are needed to squash a fight.
Traxx once per session can toss out unwanted customers at any given time.

The Bantha Traxx - A Fate Accelerated Story