The Bantha Traxx - A Fate Accelerated Story

Season 1 Episode 1

Make Traxx To the Dancing Bantha

Our heroes enter the starport Lola Curich of the planet Lianna. Broke, hungry and running from their past they hope to start over with new lives and fortune in the big city. A pair of ISB low level agents admits the PC’s after looking over their paper work. Spending what little money he had the Ewok mechanic Magit was able to bribe the agents to give him a work visa, while Elyk a Mandalorian hunter flashed a weapons permit that somehow passed allowing him to carry.

Once in the City the two were browsing at the local shops when a Imperial Transport hovered past them. As it entered an open intersection, the vehicle erupted into a violent explosion sending shrapnel everywhere. A Bothan bumps past them and somehow gets our hero’s involved in a foot chase. With a quick maneuver down an ally and a little help from the citizens who don’t care for the Empire, they rest and discover that Finth dislikes the Empire for killing his parents.

Hungry and broke they decide to make their way to a club everyone boast about, the Bantha Traxx. This is a great place to find work, food and watered downed drinks. Magit with no credits to his name was able to sneakily swipe food from unsuspecting patrons. After looking over the bounty boards they decide to take an easy lost and found job involving an astro droid last seen in the warehouse district.

A few factory workers and street vendors assure our heroes that this little droid was with a tall Bothan fitting the description of Finth. Turns out Finth wasted no time in getting back at the Empire using a stolen droid as a time bomb on wheels sending him into a small Imperial Garrison. If our heroes were to collect the reward for this little droid they would have to infiltrate the garrison, find the droid, and defuse the bomb.

The Ewok creates a diversion using his quick speed to run past the stormtroopers guarding the entrance. With only a couple troopers patrolling the catwalks above, Elyk and Finth sneak their way into the garrison and were able the track the route of the little droid to the main reactor room of the base.

Defusing the bomb and planting it on the reactor core at a major cost Elyk soon discovers that the stormtroopers were back at their post cutting off any escape. Magit helps with instructions via comlink programming the droid to exit out the front door without raising any suspicions. Elyk grabs Finth and Jetpacks over the wall to safety. It’s not a lot of money but they now can eat and sleep comfortably.



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