The Bantha Traxx - A Fate Accelerated Story

Season 1 Episode 2

Want or Wanted?

With a few credits in their pockets, Elyk and Magit find a new place to stay. It is a rundown shack of an apartment but their budget is squat so it will have to do. Evens though they had a place to stay the apartment drained most of their bank account so it was time to find more work.

The two set out to talk with Finth and Gelgalar the shop owner they met in episode one. As they arrived a small squad of stormtroopers exited the outfitters shop making the group uneasy. Elyk has been known in the past for taking out a few high level targets of the Imperial ranks and with recent events he was hoping they did not suspect him for sabotage couple days earlier. Gelgalar assured them they were looking for someone fitting the Mandolorians description but sent the troopers on a wild gundark chase. Before they could leave, Finth informs them that there is increased bounty hunter traffic in and out of the Bantha Traxx hot on the trail of an informant by the name of Divv.

Divv a human male info chant in the underworld possesses a datapad with a list of informants and undercover agents all working for Jabba the Hutt. They ask around the underground streets and finally decide if they search out this datapad and present it to Yin Vocta himself they could gain some serious street rep and possibly gain access to the VIP area of the Bantha Traxx.

Yin Vocta is the owner of the Bantha Traxx and a few legitimate businesses. However he is also known as a major crime figure gaining as much information on his rivals as possible. He is a hard man to meet, living on the 3rd floor of the Bantha Traxx.

The two heroes gain the information needed to locate Divv using the local directory when Magit spots a datapad lying out in the open at a café shop. He quickly swipes the pad from the table and heads out the front door. Outside they scan the datapad over and to their surprise a bounty poster with Elyks face is displayed on it. A moment later two bounty hunters exit the café searching for their lost pad but our heroes are too fast for them and find a spot in the crowded streets to lose them.

They make it to the apartment building on the other side of town where Divv is located and discover he has hired a group of mercenaries to protect him. Located on the fourth floor Divv nervously looks out his balcony window. He must know that the word is on the street of the information he possesses. Casing out the building Elyk spots a sniper on the rooftop and carefully finds himself a perch spot of his own across from the building.

Meanwhile the Ewok disguises himself as a priest of the Bantha and is able to procure a Bantha Bible of Light and slip past any mercenary guards stationed out front. Once inside he heads to the service stairs and makes his way up to the fourth floor. Fate is on his side as he tricks the mercenaries to leave their post and blocks their return.

A knock on the door was not a good idea as it alerted the mercenaries inside the office to their presence and the action began. Elyk was able to comlink to his buddy inside the building with vital details of the office layout and at the same time he took advantage of the situation taking out the rooftop sniper. The ewok waited for a guard to open the door and blindsided him with a blaster he pulled out.

The guards not ready for the fight allowed Elyk to carefully aim through the office window and take out another guard. At this point the remaining mercenaries conceded the scene figuring it was not worth their lives to save Divv.

Nervous Divv makes a deal with the two, “It would be best for both of us if I were not dead and you were able to set up a deal with Yin Vocta turning me and the data over to him. If you keep me alive I will split any amount of credits we can get out of this datapad.”

Divv actually had a VIP pass that allow him to skip the long lines and make his way up to the 2nd level of the Bantha Traxx. Elyk and Magit got their first taste of what the good life is while people were dancing and rubbing elbows with the social elites and BoSS Code played on the main stage. After a few drinks Yin Vocta and his henchmen sit at the table and come to an agreement on the information Divv possessed.

Divv was not happy with the amount of credits but he was alive at least. Meanwhile our two heroes had made a good impression to Vocta and he gave them VIP passes at a cost of owing him a couple favors. The two make their way to the Oasis lounge and meet a lovely and mysterious female bartender by the name of Sha’Dria. She has a secret but no clues as to what it is. It is no secret that she does not like Yin Vocta and is a mystery why she works for him.


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