The Bantha Traxx - A Fate Accelerated Story

Season 1 Episode 3

Confrontation at the Bantha Traxx

After meeting Sha’Dria the mysterious bartender of the Oasis, Elyk and Magit sit down at their table. Divv points to the lower level to the bounty hunters who somehow had permission to carry their weapons. The bounty hunters split cover every exit and proceed to head up to the next level of the night club. Elyk leaps from the table and times it just right to make an exit over the balcony to the dance floor below hoping to dodge the pursuers. Magit heads down one of the stairwells and see’s a hunter being handled by the local Jawa enforcers. The Bantha Traxx security is full of Jawa’s in black and red suits and one should never judge them by their size, they are very formidable at their jobs.

A fight ensues; the bounty hunters use their deadly weapons while our heroes take them out one by one with brawling and beer bottles. Sha’Dria leaps from her station in the Oasis to assist the characters. One mystery solved, she is very athletic as Sha darts across the cantina fast as lightning. She suggests the guys get out of here while she sorts things out.

Once outside the master bounty hunter in charge of this hunt is a Herglic associate of the Tochi Crime Syndicate and is known for his ability to find his targets and bring them in. Elyk is able to take the controls of a landspeeder and a chase contest begins. Driving down a side street they seem to be losing the foe when Magit decides to fiddle with some of the controls on the speeders panels. He discovers a super charger button enabling to boost the speed and escape easily to their apartment.

Worried that this big bad bounty hunter will not stop until they are dead, the boys call in a favor to Yin Vocta looking for any information to what is going on. Yin uses his recourses and data skills to get to the bottom of things and turns up some information. It appears Magit and Elyk have been entered into the ISB data banks incorrectly. Vocta suggest they clear their names asap or they will be unable to do business together.

Our heroes locate an Imperial garrison on the other side of town. As the PCs turn a corner, an Imperial officer slams into them at a breakneck speed and they try help him up. They notice he is covered in blood with grievous wounds. As he dies in their arms, he begs them to find his wife and relay his sincerest love and apologies. It is here where they see for the first time Officer Aran Cho the leader of the ground forces. He is ruthless and orders his men to pursue whoever has helped the dead officer.

With a bloody footprint left behind Imperial Stormtroopers investigate the crime scene and are able to track Magit to his hiding spot in the crowded streets. Not totally sure which person has committed the crime the troopers make a quick lineup of people to search with Magit in the line. Elyk finds a café and is able to help the little ewok from a distance creating a distraction allowing Magit to get rid of some evidence he had on him and fooling the troopers for now.

Now the guys have to figure out how to infiltrate the office and fix the error the two low level ISB agents entered into the databanks of the garrison. They may get lucky and retrieve some information on how to find Officer Philo’s wife and relay his message to her.


bunnsallah bunnsallah

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