The Bantha Traxx - A Fate Accelerated Story

Season 1 Episode 4

The Imperial Garrison Complex

Disguised as a pair of construction workers Magit and Elyk precede to stealth their way into an Imperial Complex. This is an unusual complex where the Imperial residents live in homes guarded by a high voltage security fence. The place is heavily under construction allowing the players to pose as maintenance workers. Once inside, their friend from the Bantha Traxx, Sha’Dria, hacks into their communications with a request. She needs them to retrieve any information on the next Imperial supply shipment to Geska Prime.

They easily make their way to the Imperial garrison. However when passing the trooper barracks our little ewok Magit could not help himself but to slip inside and steal some stormtrooper gear. He succeeds unfortunately the armor is too small for the bounty hunter. Elyk slips into the tight armor thinking his construction outfit may not be good enough to go further. Once again the two are able to bluff their way inside further.

It only takes them a few minutes but they locate the ISB Central Databank terminals. It’s cold and quiet here, Aaron Cho must be confident no one could get this far in undetected and has placed one of his best computer security teams on the job of adding counter measures to the terminals. This was not an easy terminal for Magit to hack into, but FATE was on his side and succeeds with style. Not only did they fix the clerical error and clear their names, but they also found Lt. Philo’s residence and a supply manifest with departure times for the next supply run to Geska Prime.

The two of them make their way outside and decide to first pay Lt. Philo’s wife a visit and tell her the bad news and relay his last wishes. She doesn’t take the news very well whimpering about a defection Philo’s family was planning. The Empire’s ways are not settling with them and Philo was bidding his time for an escape from this terrible life.

Right then and there our heroes knew they had to act fast. They contact Sha’Dria for help and she arranges transport for the family. At the same time she ask the guys if they could help in a matter of getting ahead of the supply transport and plan some sort of ambush on Geska Prime. She had a freighter captain waiting for them in the starport Lola Curich. Getting past the stormtroopers was no easy task and many FATE points were spent doing so.

The YV-100 freighter did not look fast but it did the job of getting to the destination ahead of the Imperials. With little time to spare they grab some winter gear from Scavenger Town a small civilian outpost where they believe the shuttle will land. Buying some armor piercing rounds, Elyk was very confident this would take out any snowtroopers that may be on the ship.

It was time; the shuttle slowly descends from the sky and Magit finds some crates to hide behind. Elyk, hoping the tight trooper outfit fools them again; heads to the ship but the shuttle personnel were not buying it this time. A fight escalates and our heroes try grabbing any crates they can. It was a scramble of a mess; Magit jumps into the freighter and mans a gun. The Ewok is not cut out for this kind of work, he is more of a tech guy then a gunner but as FATE would have it he spent time in the past target shooting with a T-16 that crashed on his home world. Magit creates the advantage by shoot up a dust cloud in the snow allowing Elyk to get closer to the final crates and nab them kicking one to the freighter and pushing the other up the ramp.

It was time to get off this snow ball planet and deliver the goods to Sha’Dria. They had dealt a small blow to the Empire and gained some points with the bartender Sha’Dria. What is the deal with her they begin to ponder? She doesn’t care for Yin Vocta, she doesn’t like the Empire, and she risked everything to help Lt. Philo’s family find a safe home. One thing is for sure; they have cleared their names and can work for Yin Vocta to make some serious credits.


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