The Bantha Traxx - A Fate Accelerated Story

Season 1 Episode 5

Stars Edge

Scene one opens with team needing some earned credits and heading into the Bantha Traxx looking for a job. They decide to take an easy job delivering weapon crates to the Burnin Konn in the Anoat sector. There is two tasks here acquire the crates and hire a ship to make the delivery. First they make their way past any ISB agents and find a very cheap freighter captain going by the name of Albert “Deadbeat” Clay. Next they head off to the warehouse district to get the crates.

The meeting place is dark and factory shift workers come and go. Two aliens Boor (gotal) and Scamp (old ithorian female) approach the team with the crates and offer to pay 4k credits however the two demand to tag along. Agreeing to the terms our team head off into space towards the mining planet to drop off the weapons.

Arriving in the Anot sector Magit detects an Imperial blockade around the planet. The normal inquirers of state your business, cargo, and rendezvous destination are given over the communication system. After passing the test they descend into the atmosphere and take fire from the mining colony. Unsure why, the team tangles with the ion cannon that is trying to shoot them down. With Magit in the engine room creating advantages for the pilot, Elyk was able to destroy the cannon with ease while the captain dodges the bolts.

The team agrees to set down and let the two aliens deliver the weapons crates to the mining facility. Magit comes up with a clever idea to cloak the ship from enemy scans by covering the cargo ship with cloak netting. This was effective from long ranges however an Imperial Probe Droid approaches closer and barely detects the ship. Elyk quickly attacks the probe droid with his trusty rifle and destroys it before it can report back to base.

Captain Clay orders them to check out the imperial base while he takes care of the netting. The two heroes want to find out what kind of trouble Boor and Scamp are in. However looking over the floating imperial base they see no sign of the two aliens. They spot a few miners doing business with the imperial garrison and biker scouts zooming off in the distance.

Magit and Elyk decide it is time to check out the mining facility and discover what is keeping Boor and Scamp too long. Back in the ship they approach the mining facility carefully and witness their job contacts escaping with what appears to be twenty some mining slaves and a nasty group of gun slinging thugs on their tales. The ship lands in the distance while our heroes set up cover fire and pick off nasty mercenaries trying to prevent the breakout.

When the dust settles, Boor and Scamp were safe on board explaining the real object of the mission was to rescue their comrades from the slaving facility. They felt had they been upfront in the first place no one would stick their necks out for the slaves. In the end our heroes got their credits and everyone was happy. They have gained the attention of Yin Vocta and the Imperials biker scouts have a fuzzy picture of a ship dealing with the mining facility.


bunnsallah bunnsallah

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