The Bantha Traxx - A Fate Accelerated Story

Season 1 Episode 7

Across Town We Go

The star port is abuzz with the news that a Jedi padawan and his master are loose in the city. Nervous citizens want the Jedi captured and others want them saved. Sha’Dria contacts the PC’s and feels they are the only capable force that can help the two Jedi out (clone trooper and young force sensitive). A sizable reward is offered for help in escorting the pair to a safe house Sha has waiting for them.

Sixer and Pa Krill are hiding in the cellar of Gelgelar Outfitters shop, the same place our heroes hid from Imperial forces in episode one. Elyk and Magit arrange to escort the two out of the shop when sniper fire harries past them. With a steady aim Elyk shoots at one on the roof across the street while Magit handles the other two in the ally. Two of them go down while one sniper using grenades remained. Causing distractions our heroes easily dispatch the final sniper.

Before the PCs reach the predetermined drop-off point, a bloodied scout (Finth) stops them. He relays that half of Yin Voctas men wait along this path, ready to ambush the group, and suggests a different path. The guys decide to take the alternate route however they run into a squad of stormtroopers combing the city for the Jedi. With quick thinking Magit tries the old Holy Bantha routine and succeeds with style creating the advantage of distracted allowing Elyk and the two Jedi to sneak past the patrol.

Tired and sick the young Padawan needed some rest so the group stops off at Nofre’s Repair Bay shop. Nofre has no love for the empire or Yin Vocta so he agrees to help offering a bed and drink for a couple hours while they rest. In the meantime an Assassin battle droid by the name of Hoan Harik discovers the group and attempts to dispatch our heroes. Magit grabs a restraining bolt off a table and sneaks behind the droid trying to deactivate him. With some trouble doing so Elyk ends up causing a distraction allowing for Magit to shut Harik down.

Magit comes up with the idea to reprogram the droid to aid them. Succeeding with style the group now has a new friend in the droid who creates advantages of +2 fire power.
The group makes their way to the safe house only to discover it is being staked out by a Herglic bounty hunter and a pair of Hench men. The group finds the Herglic to be very formidable and Magit is nearly taken out before Elyk and the Jedi could help. However it was not in the cards for the Bounty Hunter who had to crawl from the scene after losing his leg to blaster fire.

The team was able to get the Jedi’s to the safe house with only one loose end, the Herglic. However they feel they have a little time before their cover is blown seeing how the bounty hunter is going to need to heal first.

Yin Vocta, knowing nothing of what the two have been up to, pages the gang to do a job for him. Promising their debt would be cleared, the boys accept and more adventure awaits.


bunnsallah bunnsallah

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