The Bantha Traxx - A Fate Accelerated Story

Season 1 Episode 6

Behind Company Doors

Communication with a spy who has been deep undercover suddenly ceases. Magit and Elyk are hired by the crime boss Yin Vocta to traverse Task Industries and report on her status or, if necessary, rescue her. She has been on a critical mission within a Task Industries but learning any involvement with the Empire. She is working with a project team within the company who are trying to steal from it as well. The heroes are offered the job by Yin Vocta as a down payment towards a ship they may wish to purchase. They need to retrieve any data Task Industries has on a secret weapon they are designing for Aaron Cho and the Empire.

Entering Task Industries poses a moderate challenge. The company isn’t open to outsiders, but will allow people in on official business. Yin Vocta helps the guys with fake IDs so they can make their way into Task Inc. Infiltrating the company where the spy was last heard from on the 7th floor is a much tougher challenge. Guards patrol hallways, door checkpoints have sophisticated technology to detect fake ID chips, and skirmishes with employees are not uncommon as they make their way in.

Once inside the company, the PCs must locate the spy Kira Thanas. They don’t know her exact location, but they know where to find contacts inside Task Industries that should be able to offer leads. When they attempt to communicate with contacts, however, they find them dead as part of an internal company crackdown. They must try less obvious avenues.

Some clues were found at the contacts’ offices and lockers at Task Industries, though the security team was alerted to the PCs snooping around. The heroes had a tough time lugging a computer Magit just had to have making themselves too obvious, Kira had to find them and take them to a safe location in the building. She says the boss (Glacier White) has been closely monitoring the building for possible espionage activity and tells them that they need to get out now.

Before they leave though the three of them needed to make their way down a level and into the computer lab where they were able to hack into the data banks retrieving information vital to the project Kira was working on. The blueprints of cloaking armor is what Yin Vocta was after and will pay the guys serious credits for this information.

The building is now on alert and starts a massive military style sweep of the building and even lay down spike strips in the streets, however our heroes were able to make it out with little trouble. Before handing over the data to Yin Vocta they made a copy of the data on a corrupt cylinder. With the help of Sha’Dria and some Ugnaughts on retainer they should have a copy of the plans of their own. The reward for this mission is for the gang to head to the local repair shop and pick out a ship of their liking.


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