The Bantha Traxx - A Fate Accelerated Story

Season 1 Episode 7
Across Town We Go
The star port is abuzz with the news that a Jedi padawan and his master are loose in the city. Nervous citizens want the Jedi captured and others want them saved. Sha’Dria contacts the PC’s and feels they are the only capable force that can help the two Jedi out (clone trooper and young force sensitive). A sizable reward is offered for help in escorting the pair to a safe house Sha has waiting for them.

Sixer and Pa Krill are hiding in the cellar of Gelgelar Outfitters shop, the same place our heroes hid from Imperial forces in episode one. Elyk and Magit arrange to escort the two out of the shop when sniper fire harries past them. With a steady aim Elyk shoots at one on the roof across the street while Magit handles the other two in the ally. Two of them go down while one sniper using grenades remained. Causing distractions our heroes easily dispatch the final sniper.

Before the PCs reach the predetermined drop-off point, a bloodied scout (Finth) stops them. He relays that half of Yin Voctas men wait along this path, ready to ambush the group, and suggests a different path. The guys decide to take the alternate route however they run into a squad of stormtroopers combing the city for the Jedi. With quick thinking Magit tries the old Holy Bantha routine and succeeds with style creating the advantage of distracted allowing Elyk and the two Jedi to sneak past the patrol.

Tired and sick the young Padawan needed some rest so the group stops off at Nofre’s Repair Bay shop. Nofre has no love for the empire or Yin Vocta so he agrees to help offering a bed and drink for a couple hours while they rest. In the meantime an Assassin battle droid by the name of Hoan Harik discovers the group and attempts to dispatch our heroes. Magit grabs a restraining bolt off a table and sneaks behind the droid trying to deactivate him. With some trouble doing so Elyk ends up causing a distraction allowing for Magit to shut Harik down.

Magit comes up with the idea to reprogram the droid to aid them. Succeeding with style the group now has a new friend in the droid who creates advantages of +2 fire power.
The group makes their way to the safe house only to discover it is being staked out by a Herglic bounty hunter and a pair of Hench men. The group finds the Herglic to be very formidable and Magit is nearly taken out before Elyk and the Jedi could help. However it was not in the cards for the Bounty Hunter who had to crawl from the scene after losing his leg to blaster fire.

The team was able to get the Jedi’s to the safe house with only one loose end, the Herglic. However they feel they have a little time before their cover is blown seeing how the bounty hunter is going to need to heal first.

Yin Vocta, knowing nothing of what the two have been up to, pages the gang to do a job for him. Promising their debt would be cleared, the boys accept and more adventure awaits.

Season 1 Episode 6
Behind Company Doors

Communication with a spy who has been deep undercover suddenly ceases. Magit and Elyk are hired by the crime boss Yin Vocta to traverse Task Industries and report on her status or, if necessary, rescue her. She has been on a critical mission within a Task Industries but learning any involvement with the Empire. She is working with a project team within the company who are trying to steal from it as well. The heroes are offered the job by Yin Vocta as a down payment towards a ship they may wish to purchase. They need to retrieve any data Task Industries has on a secret weapon they are designing for Aaron Cho and the Empire.

Entering Task Industries poses a moderate challenge. The company isn’t open to outsiders, but will allow people in on official business. Yin Vocta helps the guys with fake IDs so they can make their way into Task Inc. Infiltrating the company where the spy was last heard from on the 7th floor is a much tougher challenge. Guards patrol hallways, door checkpoints have sophisticated technology to detect fake ID chips, and skirmishes with employees are not uncommon as they make their way in.

Once inside the company, the PCs must locate the spy Kira Thanas. They don’t know her exact location, but they know where to find contacts inside Task Industries that should be able to offer leads. When they attempt to communicate with contacts, however, they find them dead as part of an internal company crackdown. They must try less obvious avenues.

Some clues were found at the contacts’ offices and lockers at Task Industries, though the security team was alerted to the PCs snooping around. The heroes had a tough time lugging a computer Magit just had to have making themselves too obvious, Kira had to find them and take them to a safe location in the building. She says the boss (Glacier White) has been closely monitoring the building for possible espionage activity and tells them that they need to get out now.

Before they leave though the three of them needed to make their way down a level and into the computer lab where they were able to hack into the data banks retrieving information vital to the project Kira was working on. The blueprints of cloaking armor is what Yin Vocta was after and will pay the guys serious credits for this information.

The building is now on alert and starts a massive military style sweep of the building and even lay down spike strips in the streets, however our heroes were able to make it out with little trouble. Before handing over the data to Yin Vocta they made a copy of the data on a corrupt cylinder. With the help of Sha’Dria and some Ugnaughts on retainer they should have a copy of the plans of their own. The reward for this mission is for the gang to head to the local repair shop and pick out a ship of their liking.

Season 1 Episode 5
Stars Edge

Scene one opens with team needing some earned credits and heading into the Bantha Traxx looking for a job. They decide to take an easy job delivering weapon crates to the Burnin Konn in the Anoat sector. There is two tasks here acquire the crates and hire a ship to make the delivery. First they make their way past any ISB agents and find a very cheap freighter captain going by the name of Albert “Deadbeat” Clay. Next they head off to the warehouse district to get the crates.

The meeting place is dark and factory shift workers come and go. Two aliens Boor (gotal) and Scamp (old ithorian female) approach the team with the crates and offer to pay 4k credits however the two demand to tag along. Agreeing to the terms our team head off into space towards the mining planet to drop off the weapons.

Arriving in the Anot sector Magit detects an Imperial blockade around the planet. The normal inquirers of state your business, cargo, and rendezvous destination are given over the communication system. After passing the test they descend into the atmosphere and take fire from the mining colony. Unsure why, the team tangles with the ion cannon that is trying to shoot them down. With Magit in the engine room creating advantages for the pilot, Elyk was able to destroy the cannon with ease while the captain dodges the bolts.

The team agrees to set down and let the two aliens deliver the weapons crates to the mining facility. Magit comes up with a clever idea to cloak the ship from enemy scans by covering the cargo ship with cloak netting. This was effective from long ranges however an Imperial Probe Droid approaches closer and barely detects the ship. Elyk quickly attacks the probe droid with his trusty rifle and destroys it before it can report back to base.

Captain Clay orders them to check out the imperial base while he takes care of the netting. The two heroes want to find out what kind of trouble Boor and Scamp are in. However looking over the floating imperial base they see no sign of the two aliens. They spot a few miners doing business with the imperial garrison and biker scouts zooming off in the distance.

Magit and Elyk decide it is time to check out the mining facility and discover what is keeping Boor and Scamp too long. Back in the ship they approach the mining facility carefully and witness their job contacts escaping with what appears to be twenty some mining slaves and a nasty group of gun slinging thugs on their tales. The ship lands in the distance while our heroes set up cover fire and pick off nasty mercenaries trying to prevent the breakout.

When the dust settles, Boor and Scamp were safe on board explaining the real object of the mission was to rescue their comrades from the slaving facility. They felt had they been upfront in the first place no one would stick their necks out for the slaves. In the end our heroes got their credits and everyone was happy. They have gained the attention of Yin Vocta and the Imperials biker scouts have a fuzzy picture of a ship dealing with the mining facility.

Season 1 Episode 4
The Imperial Garrison Complex

Disguised as a pair of construction workers Magit and Elyk precede to stealth their way into an Imperial Complex. This is an unusual complex where the Imperial residents live in homes guarded by a high voltage security fence. The place is heavily under construction allowing the players to pose as maintenance workers. Once inside, their friend from the Bantha Traxx, Sha’Dria, hacks into their communications with a request. She needs them to retrieve any information on the next Imperial supply shipment to Geska Prime.

They easily make their way to the Imperial garrison. However when passing the trooper barracks our little ewok Magit could not help himself but to slip inside and steal some stormtrooper gear. He succeeds unfortunately the armor is too small for the bounty hunter. Elyk slips into the tight armor thinking his construction outfit may not be good enough to go further. Once again the two are able to bluff their way inside further.

It only takes them a few minutes but they locate the ISB Central Databank terminals. It’s cold and quiet here, Aaron Cho must be confident no one could get this far in undetected and has placed one of his best computer security teams on the job of adding counter measures to the terminals. This was not an easy terminal for Magit to hack into, but FATE was on his side and succeeds with style. Not only did they fix the clerical error and clear their names, but they also found Lt. Philo’s residence and a supply manifest with departure times for the next supply run to Geska Prime.

The two of them make their way outside and decide to first pay Lt. Philo’s wife a visit and tell her the bad news and relay his last wishes. She doesn’t take the news very well whimpering about a defection Philo’s family was planning. The Empire’s ways are not settling with them and Philo was bidding his time for an escape from this terrible life.

Right then and there our heroes knew they had to act fast. They contact Sha’Dria for help and she arranges transport for the family. At the same time she ask the guys if they could help in a matter of getting ahead of the supply transport and plan some sort of ambush on Geska Prime. She had a freighter captain waiting for them in the starport Lola Curich. Getting past the stormtroopers was no easy task and many FATE points were spent doing so.

The YV-100 freighter did not look fast but it did the job of getting to the destination ahead of the Imperials. With little time to spare they grab some winter gear from Scavenger Town a small civilian outpost where they believe the shuttle will land. Buying some armor piercing rounds, Elyk was very confident this would take out any snowtroopers that may be on the ship.

It was time; the shuttle slowly descends from the sky and Magit finds some crates to hide behind. Elyk, hoping the tight trooper outfit fools them again; heads to the ship but the shuttle personnel were not buying it this time. A fight escalates and our heroes try grabbing any crates they can. It was a scramble of a mess; Magit jumps into the freighter and mans a gun. The Ewok is not cut out for this kind of work, he is more of a tech guy then a gunner but as FATE would have it he spent time in the past target shooting with a T-16 that crashed on his home world. Magit creates the advantage by shoot up a dust cloud in the snow allowing Elyk to get closer to the final crates and nab them kicking one to the freighter and pushing the other up the ramp.

It was time to get off this snow ball planet and deliver the goods to Sha’Dria. They had dealt a small blow to the Empire and gained some points with the bartender Sha’Dria. What is the deal with her they begin to ponder? She doesn’t care for Yin Vocta, she doesn’t like the Empire, and she risked everything to help Lt. Philo’s family find a safe home. One thing is for sure; they have cleared their names and can work for Yin Vocta to make some serious credits.

Season 1 Episode 3
Confrontation at the Bantha Traxx

After meeting Sha’Dria the mysterious bartender of the Oasis, Elyk and Magit sit down at their table. Divv points to the lower level to the bounty hunters who somehow had permission to carry their weapons. The bounty hunters split cover every exit and proceed to head up to the next level of the night club. Elyk leaps from the table and times it just right to make an exit over the balcony to the dance floor below hoping to dodge the pursuers. Magit heads down one of the stairwells and see’s a hunter being handled by the local Jawa enforcers. The Bantha Traxx security is full of Jawa’s in black and red suits and one should never judge them by their size, they are very formidable at their jobs.

A fight ensues; the bounty hunters use their deadly weapons while our heroes take them out one by one with brawling and beer bottles. Sha’Dria leaps from her station in the Oasis to assist the characters. One mystery solved, she is very athletic as Sha darts across the cantina fast as lightning. She suggests the guys get out of here while she sorts things out.

Once outside the master bounty hunter in charge of this hunt is a Herglic associate of the Tochi Crime Syndicate and is known for his ability to find his targets and bring them in. Elyk is able to take the controls of a landspeeder and a chase contest begins. Driving down a side street they seem to be losing the foe when Magit decides to fiddle with some of the controls on the speeders panels. He discovers a super charger button enabling to boost the speed and escape easily to their apartment.

Worried that this big bad bounty hunter will not stop until they are dead, the boys call in a favor to Yin Vocta looking for any information to what is going on. Yin uses his recourses and data skills to get to the bottom of things and turns up some information. It appears Magit and Elyk have been entered into the ISB data banks incorrectly. Vocta suggest they clear their names asap or they will be unable to do business together.

Our heroes locate an Imperial garrison on the other side of town. As the PCs turn a corner, an Imperial officer slams into them at a breakneck speed and they try help him up. They notice he is covered in blood with grievous wounds. As he dies in their arms, he begs them to find his wife and relay his sincerest love and apologies. It is here where they see for the first time Officer Aran Cho the leader of the ground forces. He is ruthless and orders his men to pursue whoever has helped the dead officer.

With a bloody footprint left behind Imperial Stormtroopers investigate the crime scene and are able to track Magit to his hiding spot in the crowded streets. Not totally sure which person has committed the crime the troopers make a quick lineup of people to search with Magit in the line. Elyk finds a café and is able to help the little ewok from a distance creating a distraction allowing Magit to get rid of some evidence he had on him and fooling the troopers for now.

Now the guys have to figure out how to infiltrate the office and fix the error the two low level ISB agents entered into the databanks of the garrison. They may get lucky and retrieve some information on how to find Officer Philo’s wife and relay his message to her.

Season 1 Episode 2
Want or Wanted?

With a few credits in their pockets, Elyk and Magit find a new place to stay. It is a rundown shack of an apartment but their budget is squat so it will have to do. Evens though they had a place to stay the apartment drained most of their bank account so it was time to find more work.

The two set out to talk with Finth and Gelgalar the shop owner they met in episode one. As they arrived a small squad of stormtroopers exited the outfitters shop making the group uneasy. Elyk has been known in the past for taking out a few high level targets of the Imperial ranks and with recent events he was hoping they did not suspect him for sabotage couple days earlier. Gelgalar assured them they were looking for someone fitting the Mandolorians description but sent the troopers on a wild gundark chase. Before they could leave, Finth informs them that there is increased bounty hunter traffic in and out of the Bantha Traxx hot on the trail of an informant by the name of Divv.

Divv a human male info chant in the underworld possesses a datapad with a list of informants and undercover agents all working for Jabba the Hutt. They ask around the underground streets and finally decide if they search out this datapad and present it to Yin Vocta himself they could gain some serious street rep and possibly gain access to the VIP area of the Bantha Traxx.

Yin Vocta is the owner of the Bantha Traxx and a few legitimate businesses. However he is also known as a major crime figure gaining as much information on his rivals as possible. He is a hard man to meet, living on the 3rd floor of the Bantha Traxx.

The two heroes gain the information needed to locate Divv using the local directory when Magit spots a datapad lying out in the open at a café shop. He quickly swipes the pad from the table and heads out the front door. Outside they scan the datapad over and to their surprise a bounty poster with Elyks face is displayed on it. A moment later two bounty hunters exit the café searching for their lost pad but our heroes are too fast for them and find a spot in the crowded streets to lose them.

They make it to the apartment building on the other side of town where Divv is located and discover he has hired a group of mercenaries to protect him. Located on the fourth floor Divv nervously looks out his balcony window. He must know that the word is on the street of the information he possesses. Casing out the building Elyk spots a sniper on the rooftop and carefully finds himself a perch spot of his own across from the building.

Meanwhile the Ewok disguises himself as a priest of the Bantha and is able to procure a Bantha Bible of Light and slip past any mercenary guards stationed out front. Once inside he heads to the service stairs and makes his way up to the fourth floor. Fate is on his side as he tricks the mercenaries to leave their post and blocks their return.

A knock on the door was not a good idea as it alerted the mercenaries inside the office to their presence and the action began. Elyk was able to comlink to his buddy inside the building with vital details of the office layout and at the same time he took advantage of the situation taking out the rooftop sniper. The ewok waited for a guard to open the door and blindsided him with a blaster he pulled out.

The guards not ready for the fight allowed Elyk to carefully aim through the office window and take out another guard. At this point the remaining mercenaries conceded the scene figuring it was not worth their lives to save Divv.

Nervous Divv makes a deal with the two, “It would be best for both of us if I were not dead and you were able to set up a deal with Yin Vocta turning me and the data over to him. If you keep me alive I will split any amount of credits we can get out of this datapad.”

Divv actually had a VIP pass that allow him to skip the long lines and make his way up to the 2nd level of the Bantha Traxx. Elyk and Magit got their first taste of what the good life is while people were dancing and rubbing elbows with the social elites and BoSS Code played on the main stage. After a few drinks Yin Vocta and his henchmen sit at the table and come to an agreement on the information Divv possessed.

Divv was not happy with the amount of credits but he was alive at least. Meanwhile our two heroes had made a good impression to Vocta and he gave them VIP passes at a cost of owing him a couple favors. The two make their way to the Oasis lounge and meet a lovely and mysterious female bartender by the name of Sha’Dria. She has a secret but no clues as to what it is. It is no secret that she does not like Yin Vocta and is a mystery why she works for him.

Season 1 Episode 1
Make Traxx To the Dancing Bantha

Our heroes enter the starport Lola Curich of the planet Lianna. Broke, hungry and running from their past they hope to start over with new lives and fortune in the big city. A pair of ISB low level agents admits the PC’s after looking over their paper work. Spending what little money he had the Ewok mechanic Magit was able to bribe the agents to give him a work visa, while Elyk a Mandalorian hunter flashed a weapons permit that somehow passed allowing him to carry.

Once in the City the two were browsing at the local shops when a Imperial Transport hovered past them. As it entered an open intersection, the vehicle erupted into a violent explosion sending shrapnel everywhere. A Bothan bumps past them and somehow gets our hero’s involved in a foot chase. With a quick maneuver down an ally and a little help from the citizens who don’t care for the Empire, they rest and discover that Finth dislikes the Empire for killing his parents.

Hungry and broke they decide to make their way to a club everyone boast about, the Bantha Traxx. This is a great place to find work, food and watered downed drinks. Magit with no credits to his name was able to sneakily swipe food from unsuspecting patrons. After looking over the bounty boards they decide to take an easy lost and found job involving an astro droid last seen in the warehouse district.

A few factory workers and street vendors assure our heroes that this little droid was with a tall Bothan fitting the description of Finth. Turns out Finth wasted no time in getting back at the Empire using a stolen droid as a time bomb on wheels sending him into a small Imperial Garrison. If our heroes were to collect the reward for this little droid they would have to infiltrate the garrison, find the droid, and defuse the bomb.

The Ewok creates a diversion using his quick speed to run past the stormtroopers guarding the entrance. With only a couple troopers patrolling the catwalks above, Elyk and Finth sneak their way into the garrison and were able the track the route of the little droid to the main reactor room of the base.

Defusing the bomb and planting it on the reactor core at a major cost Elyk soon discovers that the stormtroopers were back at their post cutting off any escape. Magit helps with instructions via comlink programming the droid to exit out the front door without raising any suspicions. Elyk grabs Finth and Jetpacks over the wall to safety. It’s not a lot of money but they now can eat and sleep comfortably.



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